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Discover How Top CEOs 
Go Beyond Stress & Obstacles to 
Sustained Breakthrough Performance in 90 days 
About New Mavericks
Over the last 20 years, Raamon Newman & his business partner Paolo of New Mavericks, have been globally trusted CEO Breakthrough, Protection & Support partners to over 50 CEOs & executives of multi-million & billion revenue companies helping them go beyond stress, challenges & obstacles to achieve their greatest breakthroughs in less time without burnout. Over 80% of their clients work with them for 5-10 years due to the consistent breakthroughs they experience working in partnership with them.
What Top Leaders Say...
From $1.3 billion to $7.6 billion in 7 years, accomplishing six times more than the previous 25 years.

"If you're leading a small, medium or large business in this age of exponential change, and want to be in tune with change rather than a victim of it, you've got to have at least one call with Paolo and Raamon to truly know the deeper value they bring in enhancing and protecting leader’s achievement and progress. 

Their wisdom, insights, support, and value has made a profound difference in enhancing my experience as a leader and is something I haven't found anywhere else."

- Mark Waller, Chairman EBOS Group, New Zealand CEO of the Year 2010, New Zealand Business Hall of Fame 2019

* In 7 years we helped Mark help his company grow from $1.7b to $7.6B, resulting in 480% growth in revenues, 432% growth in profits and 198% growth of share price in a very conservative tight margin industry. This helped him accomplish nearly six times more in 7 years than this previous 25 years a CEO. We still work with Mark today in his Chairman role.
Staff turnover dropped 77%, engagement jumped 55% & sales turnover accelerated to be the best in the group

"The calls I have with Paolo and Raamon are highly insightful, providing the link between self-development and the practical application to business, which I have not found elsewhere. 

I find the time spent invaluable for stopping to reflect deeply and meaningfully, helping challenge long held views and conventional practices and see things for what they really are, which is necessary in our fast paced and rapidly changing world. 

This has resulted in greater clarity of thought and heightened awareness which I believe has made me more effective as a GM.

I’ve worked with dozens of coaches. Most of them only work on a surface level and never get to the fundamentals, leaving people to revert back to their original conditioning.”

- Kelvin Hyland, Managing Director Ossis & DeeJay's, Former GM EBOS Group

* This client went from leading his 9-figure division to having the best growth in his group and has since gone on to leading three other businesses.
From the Wrong End of the Global Financial Crisis to Doing Bigger & Better Projects

"One may be a business person/entrepreneur however if you truly want to find everlasting & permanent success in all aspects of your life these are the guys you need to talk to. The foundations for true & everlasting success do not lie somewhere outside but within each one of us, no one knows & understands this better than Paulo & Raamon." 

- Porous Dumasia, Property Developer, Auckland, New Zealand

* This client was on the wrong end of the GFC back in 2009 when we were connected with him and had lost nearly everything. Today he’s back doing 6-8 figure projects.
100% Jump in Close Rate on Major Deals

"I’ve found an approach which has allowed me to get deals to go through faster, while wasting less time on things that don’t matter. For instance, I used to walk into a big client meeting with a 30-page presentation. Today I walk in with a single page. And since I’ve been doing this…my close rate on major deals has jumped by 100%.

I refer to it as my “x-factor.” And it doesn’t just apply to negotiating deals – it spreads across daily negotiations with my personal assistant, the store man, the end users and all the company’s stakeholders. Are you interested in getting the same unfair advantage? Then I urge you to reach out to Raamon and Paolo from New Mavericks" 

- Stefan Crooks, Managing Director, Westie Foods

* Since we've been working with this client, going 3 years, he's created two more businesses off his existing one.
Better Handling the Challenges of Fast Growth

"These guys are deep thinkers. They help me think outside my limitations and the blocks I have created. They assist me to see myself based on my potential. As I change my view of myself the perceived problem also changes. This enables me to move forward with confidence and clarity" 

- Phil Prosser, Founder / CEO FEEDBACK ASAP, Founded the World’s Largest Mystery Shopping & Most Actionable Feedback companies for managing customer service excellence

* This client went from leaving a company he founded due to internal conflict with VC, that was serving Fortune 500 companies, to starting a new company doing the same thing in a better way and outperforming his old company within a couple of years.
From Struggling to Breakeven to Supercharged Growth

“I feel like I’ve been supercharged over this last year of working with you guys. I wake up earlier with more creativity. I seem to have more time in my day even though I’m busy. I’m more “in the now” than I have ever been. 

My staff is commenting that everything I touch is turning to gold. I find I am more aware to avoid getting tired, as I now know this prevents the wheels from falling off. 

 I’ve realized I no longer want to face challenges and problems like in the past, I want more of the experience I’m now having as a business leader; I find I am having more and more support. Where have you guys been, thank you for guiding me in culturing this kind of support.”

Jason Gunn, Founder / Managing Director, Oliver’s Real Foods The World’s 1st Organic Certified Organic Fast Food restaurant chain Nominee for Australian Entrepreneur of the Year 2015

* When we started working with this client in 2011 they had three stores and struggling to break even. They’ve since gone on to open 26 stores and become publicly listed today.
Why Top CEO's Choose to Be Coachable & Have a Coach
“When I started at Google, I thought “I don’t need a coach. Why would I need a coach? After all I’m much better than everyone else. I’m really good, look at all the things I’ve done. Typical kind of arrogant answer.”
“There are plenty of people who think they’re so good they don’t need to listen to feedback and those are the people who ultimately make huge mistakes.”

“You might think that if you’re a young executive that the executives above you will be even more thoughtful and even more together, and even more polished, and so forth. But in fact, they’re more nervous, they’re more political, they’re more anxious and so forth, the higher they are in life and so a coach helps work on those rough edges”

“Bill would only work with people who were coachable, so he would say “Are you coachable?” He doesn’t want to waste his time”.

"The key insight of a coach is they get you to believe you can do something that you can’t currently do today and when you screw up they guide you to that excellence. "

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google from 2001 to 2011, Executive Chairman 2011 to 2015 & Alphabet Inc. from 2015 to 2017
“I was the Senior Vice President at Excite@Home, I didn’t think I needed a Coach. 

Then Bill Campbell asked me, “are you coachable?” I shot back really quickly, “Depends on the quality of the coach”. He says, “Smart alecks are not coachable”, and he walks out the room. 

So, I ran out and tried to get him back. He came back and delivered me a lecture on humility and I sat and listened to the lecture for quite a while.”
Jonathan Rosenberg is the former Senior Vice President of Excite@Home & Products at Google

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